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KAN Core 8-inch Chef Knife (Hammered VG-10 Blade, Ebony wood handle)

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The KAN Core chef knife with a hammered (tsuchime) finish and elegant ebony handle is almost as beautiful to look at as it is a pleasure to use. It’s also our most popular knife out of all our knives.

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By far the most popular knife we sell, the hammered finish and ebony handle combines beautifully with the 66 damascus layers clad about the Japanese VG-10 steel core. Our inverted teardrop-shaped handle fits hands of all sizes, both left and right. Balanced just in front of the bolster, our knives are made to emphasize a perfectly balanced pinch grip with enough heft behind each cut to get through very tough foods, yet balanced to prevent fatigue. You’re going to love your new best friend in the kitchen!

6 reviews for KAN Core 8-inch Chef Knife (Hammered VG-10 Blade, Ebony wood handle)

  1. Brett G (verified owner)

    I bought my first KAN chef’s knife about a week ago after Kenji praised it in several episodes of his quarantine cooking show. I’m absolutely loving this knife and highly recommend it to anyone in the market for a new chef’s knife.

    The blade has a razor sharp edge on it, but my favorite characteristic is probably the knife’s incredible balance. The ergonomics are terrific, and it’s very easy and comfortable to hold and use with a pinch grip.

    Based on this experience, I’ll absolutely buy more KAN knives in the future when Barney expands his selection.

  2. Guy M. (verified owner)

    This is an amazing knife. Not only does it look great, it feels perfect in your hand and makes quick work of anything you need cut. I cannot recommend this knife enough.

  3. Matthew J. (verified owner)

    After weeks of looking through this wonderful selection of knives, I finally bit the bullet and bought this one. First of all, delivery was lightning fast, considering the distance it traveled to get to me.

    The first time I put it to use, I fell in love. Razor sharp right out of the box, this knife made quick work of both veggies and meat with very little effort (no tears when cutting onions!). It feels so comfortable and balanced in my hand, like it’s an extension of my arm. I feel that, with proper care and technique, this knife will last me a lifetime, and will definitely be a mainstay in this home cook’s kitchen.

  4. Wayne C (verified owner)

    At first I bought one because of Kenji, but honestly, after getting it, then cutting some veg, it became my favorite knife. It glides through everything and feels so good. Using no pressure at all, the knife slides through everything. Now it’s my go-to knife for cooking and it’s a great housewarming gift.

  5. Josiah

    I have just started getting into buying nicer knives and was referred here by Kenji’s Youtube channel. This Knife is worth the hype! It is as good as my Shun knife, if not better. On top of that Barney is extremely nice and helpful, he really went above and beyond to make sure that I got the knife that I wanted and shipped it out to me ASAP. I would recommend this knife to anyone and I can’t see myself buying a different brand anytime soon.

  6. Greg (verified owner)

    i purchased the Chef’s and Bread Knife. while i fully expected to use the 8″ as a the knife the wife and kid would use, (after getting a small set of Shun knives) it has become the favorite in my knife drawer. i’ve had it over a year now and still sharp! prolly the best balanced knife of the bunch other than my Honesuki. for the price? very hard to beat

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