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If you're looking for a knife that will transform your time in the kitchen, you've arrived.

With the blade, balance, and beauty of the KAN Core chef knife, cooking will never be the same.


KAN: /kän/

perception; intuition; the sixth sense (Japanese)

Not convinced? Take it from Kenji:

It’s a great looking knife. Perfectly balanced blade and handle, and nice and sharp even out of the box. It’s a dreamy knife.

J. Kenji Lopez-Alt

Writer, The Food Lab, Serious Eats, New York Times

Introducing: KAN Core Chef Knife

The KAN Core chef knife is all about blade and balance;
the beauty is just a bonus.

The Blade

We set out to create our favorite chef knife, at a reasonable price. We started at the core. When you build a knife that needs to take a very sharp edge, then hold it for a long time, the obvious choice is VG-10 Japanese super steel.

VG-10 is a very hard high-carbon steel that can take an angle as acute as 15 degrees and still hold it for a very long time. Our steel is imported from Takefu, Japan, and the hardness is between approximately 60 HRC.

This is the sweet spot for having a razor-sharp blade without needing to sharpen very often, and you won’t have a difficult time restoring the original edge when you do.

The Balance

A good chef knife will do a lot of the work for you. In order to do that, the weight and balance need to be just right.

We balance our knives just behind the pinch point for a comfortable blade grip. We advise against a handle grip with our chef knife as it can be unwieldy and even dangerous, as the blade can flop to one side or the other. Using a pinch grip allows for more precision and control.

Our 200mm (~8-inch) chef knife weighs just over 8 oz, so you won’t get the hand fatigue that comes with bulky German knives, even after myriad strokes. You will have enough weight, however, to avoid working so hard to get through tougher foods.

The Beauty

From top…

The KAN Core series features a 67-layer damascus steel blade, with 66 stainless steel layers clad about the VG-10 core. We offer both a hammered and non-hammered finish. Both show off the beautiful damascus wood grain-like patterns.

…to bottom

We offer two handles: ebony wood and G10. G10 is a glass-based epoxy resin laminate. Though we never condone soaking our knives, G10 will never absorb water, and will last through the ages. Ebony is an extremely hard and beautiful wood, and you won’t go wrong with either choice.



We are so excited to have launched our KAN Core series, starting with the most important tool in your kitchen—the chef knife. We’re so excited to get one into your hands.

With our recent launch, we are so grateful for all the support we got from our backers. We can’t wait to hear what you think of your new knife. You can post on and  follow our updates on our Facebook page.

Frequently Asked Questions
Will you offer other knives/sizes?

We are launching a full set of knives soon. Sign up for the newsletter to be notified of new product launches and early bird discounts.

What are the specs for the KAN Core chef knife?
  • Weight: 8.4 ounces
  • Blade length: 200mm (7.9inches)
  • Blade:
    • Core composition: Japanese VG-10 high carbon steel
    • Core hardness: Approximately 60HRC
    • 66 Damascus layers, stainless steel cladding
    • Finish: hammered or non-hammered
    • Edge angle: 15° double-bevel (30° total)
  • Handle: Ebony wood (dark brown) or G10 (black)
How do I take care of my new knife?
Please see our Start guide for the best tips and tricks for safely getting the most out of your knife for generations.
What is the function of the hammered finish?
The hammered finish is mostly for aesthetics, but there is a slight benefit of certain foods releasing a little easier.
Where is KAN located?
We are based in Orem, Utah in the USA.
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