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KAN Core Bundles

Hey Kenji fans!

Thank you for supporting our KAN x Kenji fundraiser. Many have asked which of our knives Kenji uses in most of his videos. It’s the 8-inch chef knife (hammered version with G10 handle). Shop below both for this amazing knife along with his newly launched book, The Wok: Recipes and Techniques, autographed by the man himself! You can get it discounted with purchase of a knife set!

A la carte

Chef Knives

Wondering how the different options compare?

Trying to decide which handle to go with?

The dark ebony wood is beautiful and classic, while the jet-black G10 looks very slick and modern. That part is totally up to preference in looks.

We have worked to make sure the balance feels right with either type of handle material, but overall, the G10-handled knives will weigh slightly more. In the case of our chef knife, you can expect an extra ounce. Again, the balance of the knives makes the weight difference feel minimal.

Care and Durability
Even though ebony wood is extremely hard, the G10 handles are slightly more carefree as they are impervious to water and may scratch less easily. Remember, none of these knives should ever go in the dishwasher (hand wash and dry immediately). Really, the ebony isn’t high maintenance, but it wouldn’t hurt to rub a couple drops of mineral oil on it every now and then.

On our chef knife, we offer both a hammered (tsuchime) finish and non-hammered. The main decision is which look you like better, as it is mainly an aesthetic choice. That said, the hammered dimples can aid slightly in food release. Again, it’s mostly which look you prefer.