KAN Core 6″ Santoku (G10 Composite Resin Handle)

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4 reviews for KAN Core 6″ Santoku (G10 Composite Resin Handle)

  1. Steve Dew

    Only the best friggin knife out there!

  2. Severyn Sweetnam

    Fantastic build on this knife. It handles so well that I find myself reaching for it over my Shun! My girlfriend absolutely adores this one and will use this over any of my longer chef knives. Highly recommend!

  3. Dominik

    I bought the Kan Core Basic set and received them two weeks ago. Some days before I placed the order I called Barney a craftsman in the chat. Now I realize that was not true. He is an artist! The knives are stunningly beautiful and ridiculously sharp. Really happy with them and can not recommend them highly enough!

  4. Matt Keys

    I bought this knife to be our primary prep knife in our camper. It looked nice and I had heard good things. I was not prepared for how much I was going to love this thing. It feels really great in my hand. In a pinch grip the back side of the knife is smoothed so that I don’t get irritation on my hand from lots of chopping. It cuts extremely smoothly, the balance and weight feel great. I will be replacing my home knifes with Kan knives now.

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