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KAN Core 4-Piece Steak Knife Set (G10 Composite Resin Handles)


The KAN Core steak knives with 66 layers of damascus cladding around a VG-10 core and modern G10 handle is almost as beautiful to look at as it is a pleasure to use.

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No, these aren’t your run-of-the-mill steak knives. No, they are not serrated. You’re a grown-up now; use a grown-up knife. We don’t have the science to prove it, but we believe that food tastes better when you use a good steak knife. Be it chicken, steak, roast, potatoes, fish, etc., you will get so much pleasure out of using a KAN Core steak knife, you’ll ask for seconds just so you can keep cutting. There’s nothing like having your knife go through dinner like a laser.

The ebony handle combines beautifully with the 66 damascus layers clad about the Japanese VG-10 steel core. Our inverted teardrop-shaped handle fits hands of all sizes, both left and right. You’re going to love sitting down to any meal with these at the table.

Fair warning: although a knife without serrations is definitely more fun to use, it does entail that these knives will occasionally need to be sharpened. If you’re opposed to the idea of either getting them sharpened or sharpening them yourself every now and then (we can help with learning how to do that), then move along; these knives are not for you. Otherwise, do yourself a favor, and start really enjoying your food. Bon appétit!


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